The gallery

The gallery

The beginning

Founded by Hélène Bélanger-Martin, Galerie ROCCIA opened its doors on September 24, 2009. Initially located on St-Laurent Blvd. in Montreal, the gallery travelled new roads in January 2017. In addition to relocating in the charming town of Magog, the new space also became the official permanent exhibition venue of painter and sculptor André Desjardins. The gallery permanently showcases a full sweep of Desjardins’ creations with an impressive quantity of bronze sculptures as well as paintings from his artistic beginnings in 2001.

Gallery’s life

Over the years, Galerie ROCCIA has become a key venue for bronze collectors and enthusiasts. Visitors can also consult a wide variety of documentation explaining all of the workings of the transformation process from clay to bronze. Books, films and a sampling of various materials help explain each step of the lost wax process. Fragments of clay works are also on permanent exhibition.

The artists

A space is also devoted to guest artists painters and sculptors from all over Quebec. The gallery’s mission is to offer visitors a unique experience through an intimate journey to the very heart of creation. An extremely vibrant and welcoming setting featuring open-door events, sculpting workshops, guided visits, and much more!

Welcome to all!