Marc Tanguay

Marc Tanguay

Marc Tanguay’s universe


Joseph Marc Mario Tanguay, the seventh of eight siblings. Surrounded by his three brothers and four sisters, the artist’s interest in drawing begins at a very young age. Bridges and houses. Years later, he substantiates this passion with a degree in architecture and structure. At the age of 30, Marc Tanguay takes up oil painting and his first explorations quickly reveal an undeniable talent.

Self-taught, he pursues his journey through classes given by artists Pierre Jeanson and Carole Lafontaine. With works quickly noticed by entrepreneurs and individuals, he participates in two symposiums in Chesterville in the early 2000s. He goes on to co-sign a work with Tex Lecor. From that moment on, Marc Tanguay started painting day and night. He is constantly expanding his techniques and refining his art.



Artistic Appreciation

Tanguay’s works are sometimes reminiscent of Turner’s sovereign works, and sometimes of Géricault’s powerful paintings. His chiaroscuro paintings mesmerize and the strength of his depictions are deeply compelling. From his stormy skies to his tormented seas, through the light that shreds the hovering anxiety and promises calm after the storm. Tanguay’s works are both disturbing and soothing.

There’s something visceral in the artist’s creative impulse, something that comes from the necessity, if not the urgency of painting. As with all artists, undoubtedly. In Tanguay’s case, this urgency emerges from the almost obsessive search for the right equilibrium between the chasm of an unfathomable fear and the comfort of a quiet strength, a certain balance between the dark side of an abysmal solitude and the mirage of a beam of light, as if a reassuring companion.


In Tanguay’s paintings, nature is ever-present and larger than life. His mountains are masterful, his skies are Olympian, his waters are spectacular, his horizons are mysterious and the meeting of all these elements sublime.


Unreserved, his art generates bursts of striking works of an almost impenetrable absoluteness.