ROCCIA reopens its doors

ROCCIA reopens its doors


The gallery is open again and for our greatest pleasure, and certainly yours too, our faithful are back: André Desjardins, Miville, Pixels, Linda Vachon, Rémi Bergeron, Louis St-Cyr, Sylvain Coulombe, Geneviève LeBel, Guy Hamelin and Les Moulins Tremblay. They have reserved for you magnificent unpublished works. We will also welcome three new artists this year that we can’t wait to unveil to you! The gallery is full of novelties and beauty, come see us, we are open on the same hours as last year. Looking forward to it!

Wednesday: 11 to 17 pm

Thursday: 11 to 6 pm

Friday:  11 to 6 pm

Saturday: 11 to 5 pm

Sunday:  12 to 4 pm