The gallery

The gallery

Our story

Founded by Hélène Bélanger-Martin, Galerie ROCCIA opened its doors on September 24, 2009, on St-Laurent Blvd., in Montreal. In 2017, the gallery leaves the big city and migrates to Magog, in the Eastern Townships. This new space becomes the permanent exhibition home of world-renowned painter and sculptor, André Desjardins. And this year, the gallery celebrates its 15th anniversary!  Over time, ROCCIA has become a must for bronze collectors and sculpture enthusiasts alike. Visitors have access to a wide variety of documentation, allowing for the discovery of the ins and outs of the process of transforming works of art into bronze. With the help of books, films and samples of various materials, each stage of the lost-wax process is explained.

Gallery’s life

Over the years, Galerie ROCCIA has become a key venue for bronze collectors and enthusiasts. Visitors can also consult a wide variety of documentation explaining all of the workings of the transformation process from clay to bronze. Books, films and a sampling of various materials help explain each step of the lost wax process. Fragments of clay works are also on permanent exhibition.

A unique space

Stepping inside the gallery initially means an immersion into the artistic world of André Desjardins’ work, as the entire space is dedicated to him. Paintings, sculptures, clay fragments, works in progress, sketches, studies – the gallery is, in a way, an extension of his studio. The works are not only on exhibit, their stories are also revealed. Whether through films showing the artist at work, books and wall texts, or sketchbooks tracing the genesis of a work, visitors experience an intimate contact with André’s creative process.

Stepping inside the gallery also means a warm welcome by Hélène, the owner. Gallery owner and filmmaker, Hélène is also André Desjardins’ life partner.  For over twenty years now, she has put her heart and soul into the development of her loved one’s artistic career. Whenever the opportunity arises, she slips into André’s studio with her camera and silently captures the moment. There, she has made three intimate films on André’s works. First, two short films, “Emotionism” and “Becoming”, and a feature film, “FREE”. She also signs all of the video capsules André posts on his social networks.  Hélène has an in-depth knowledge of the stories behind each work on exhibit at the gallery, an insight she shares with the visitors.

Stepping inside the gallery ultimately means to enjoy a unique and, we hope, unforgettable experience. It’s always a great pleasure to welcome you.  We hope to see you soon!